In his book, “The Grand Design,” Stephen Hawking expressed his belief that neither a divine creator nor a true beginning are needed to explain the origin of our world. The mysterious M-theory allows for the spontaneous appearance of a physical universe. As much as I admire his intellect, Hawking’s hostility toward God is a bias that runs contrary to the objectivity of sound scientific investigation.

While I don’t claim to understand quantum physics, scientists describe particles that are spontaneously generated in pairs. Speculation suggest that half of any pair may exist light years away, or even in another dimension of space and time. Clearly there are things beyond the physical universe that we don’t understand.

This is why I read and write speculative fiction. What may lie beyond our physical world is limitless. Infinite. Efforts to explain and define life and the origins of the universe fall into the realm of finite minds that cannot accept the nature of faith. But in recognizing our limitations, the pursuit of God’s realm is a wondrous journey.