Imagine Infinity

Swimming through a sea of black matter, mysterious chasms separate our world from places known only in whispers of rumor and speculation. Lodged between knowledge and belief lies a minefield of beautiful and dangerous singularities. You come to a place where unfounded belief carries you to passionate pursuits driven by dark forces beyond understanding or control and you’re standing at the edge. The time has come to explore new perspectives. Step back from what you believe with an objective eye and seek out knowledge and truth.

Ditch Reality

What is real? What is true? Answers to these questions determine what a person believes. But what is the criteria used to find those answers. The possibility of Alternate Realities does little to clarify the answers.

Social media and a plethora of streaming series are devoted to Unexplained Mysteries, but where is the line between fiction and non?  Human Nature is what it is and while speculation is fun, perhaps we would do well to enjoy all such ventures with the mindset of fictitious entertainment. Suspension of disbelief is a rewarding exercise until it leads down empty wells of conspiracies that confuse and divide us. Explore the Gulch with an understanding that imagination expands our ability to enjoy everything our world has to offer.

Humans in the Gulch

Gene Roddenberry gave us a “Wagon Train to the stars,” then used his vessel to mirror human flaws disguised in the skins of alien worlds. If and when our fallen race crosses the great expanse to find new civilizations, will we carry with us the moral convictions living on Starship Enterprise? Or will a darkness in our souls pollute the cultures we find?


Gulch Gazette has been a presence online since 1998 in some form or another. That it has not garnered a wide following is probably a consequence of marketing, or more accurately, the complete absence of such efforts. The amount of work involved in maintaining a site, soliciting and monitoring discussion and building a mailing list is far too much for this old man. At any rate, I will continue to build and revise this site with the hope that one day, someone beyond my inner circle may stumble across this maze and enjoy their time inside.