Posted March 14, 2024: Scroll down for “Reality is Losing the War” questioning the merits of an existentialist approach to life vs. a romantic unreality. Tangentially, “Missing Pieces” discusses a modern consideration of truth, also posted March 24 at Beyond Lightspeed.

“Manhattan Network” on the Gulch Anthology page is a short story about a startling teenager with an uncanny ability to disappear.

Ansible Tales Online teases stories of cryptids, aliens and leprechauns and introduces the Mist Hotel where a one night stay can change your life. Booking your visit may be a challenge, but never for a lack of vacancy.

Welcome to the Gulch!

Few things are truly constants. Change, paradoxically, is one. Minds change, understanding changes, our bodies are constantly changing, and whether any of the new that has replaced the old is truly for the better or worse is a matter of subjective reflection.

In keeping with the flow of time – if not particularly fashionable to the young among us – the Gulch Gazette has changed its look. The particular focus of interest and concept remains one of challenging the limits of our finite minds. Whether looked down on by the savants among us or lost in translation to gamers and children, the hope is these pages will excite imaginations and spark ideas – even if fiction is the only realm we ever broach.