Reality is Losing the War

As far back as the 1700’s, artists and philosophers began exploring human experience from a perspective beyond the stark realism of classical art. Romanticism engaged people with imagination and put emotion and intuition on equal footing with reason and structure. By the late 1800s, Darwin gave impetus back to a scientific realism in contrast with the subjective morality of romanticism. Naturalism took it all a step farther as key literary figures aimed at presenting a “slice of life,” excluding subjectivity or judgement.

Proponents of both reality and some form of extended reality continued well into the 20th century. Naturalism countered romanticism, impressionism led to post-impressionism followed by expressionism, surrealism dadaism and other movements in search of a more complete picture picture of the nature of our existence. Many of these movements may still have their proponents but are, for the most part, in the rear-view mirror. Welcome to the 21st century.

Social media has given everyone with a modicum of ambition and determination their own, personal platform. Individuality is precious and should be respected at every level. But how many different views can a society sustain and remain a society? Our political identity has been disrupted by extremism on both sides of the aisle in part due to loud voices on social media. What would a new civil war look like in a digital age? And are we already there?

Internationally, America has lost credibility as a defender of democracy. Ukraine is battling for its life as a sovereign nation. Gaza has been demonized, demolished and turned into a sickening humanitarian crisis as we stand in support of Israel and alienate much of the Middle East. A map of ongoing conflicts around the world shows more countries directly involved in conflict than those who are not. Will China invade Taiwan and expand the list? Are we already witnessing the third world war?

Even if one concedes that we are not in an active conflict, what will the advances in artificial intelligence mean for our future? Finding truth has become more difficult than the great artists of the past wrestled with. Posit a question, then search Reddit or Wikipedia to find answers. Do you trust your sources? Do you prefer Fox News or CNN? Both paint conflicting and dubious pictures of reality. Where will AI draw its information from and what will it deliver?

If these are questions you dare to confront, take a plunge into the fictitious worlds inside the Gulch. Borrowing from surrealism and unabashedly given to romanticism, stories here are born from speculative considerations of such things as parallel universes, quantum realities and paranormal realms. Judge for yourself whether or not they offer insight into the human condition.

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